Plothook Playlist!

Plothook Playlist!

We have compiled a list of plot hooks for your game based off some dope tracks from the last few decades. We really do enjoy all of these songs, and have advantage against being shamed for that fact.

Two Princes (Spin Doctors): Party encounters a poor young man that loves the local princess. She’s set to marry the prince of a rival kingdom in a political arrangement to establish peace. She doesn’t dislike the rich guy, but this pauper just has so much dang charm that you can’t help rooting for him. He may not have a house or titles, but he knows what a prince and lover ought to be.

Kiss From A Rose (Seal): Party comes upon a seal injured on the shore, bleeding badly from a large bite wound. If they help it, the seal reveals itself to be a handsome dark-skinned Druid that informs his saviors he was being chased by undead sharks lead by a deep sea Lich after a magical rose that can purify the dark rot that plagues the ocean. He has the rose on him and is willing to pas…

DM Tools: Punishments for Poor PC Resting Choices The Sequel

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We‘re back with another collection of places your
dum-dum PCs may want to tuck in for the night and the entirely justified ramifications for their actions. If you haven’t read our previous post on this check it out here.

As before, you‘re encourage to use any or all of these should your players warrant a gentle reminder that it’s a cruel world that feeds off their perpetual suffering.

Fetid Forest
Camping is fun, but also full of hazards. No matter the forest you choose to relax, you’re taking a bit of a chance if you don’t properly vet the place where you lay out that bedroll. Heroes that don’t have a bedroll should be subsequent to all of the following for being so woefully unprepared. Like, they didn't know this job would require some outdoors-time?

Over The Ant Hill: The stinging begins moments after you close your eyes and doesn’t stop until you go mad or possibly bathe yourself in…

Living Shields!


DM Tools: Evil Magic Items

Be sure to check out our store! We have Character Sheet Ability Score Shirts! Check them out here!Evil Magic Items Deep in the bowels of Coffin Mountain, so named by the great heroes that imprisoned the sole resident, “lives” a powerful Necromancer named Morlich The Undying. This ghastly foe failed his attempt at total domination, and like many malevonent tyrants throughout history, he was punished by those that fought for the light and sentenced to an eternity of isolation. This, of course, was in lieu of actually being able to destroy him either physical or spiritually. Left with nothing but time and his own dark musing, Morlich set out to creat an arsenal of weapons that he would wield on the day he finally escaped. He had no idea how to escape such an expertly crafted tomb, so these items are particularly detailed, powerful, and dangerous to anyone that fails to grasp their turn intent. 
Now, you may be wondering how knowledge of these items came to us, as Morlich remains imprisoned…

DM Tools: Murf's Mask Shoppe

Be sure to check out our store! We have Character Sheet Ability Score Shirts! Check them out here!DM Tools: Murf's Mask ShoppeArt Courtesy of Julie Madison
The squat building looks like it shoved its way into a space between the neighbors meant for and alley and corresponding cats. The roof is askew and lying partially on the tiles of the cobbler shoppe next door.

The sign above the door reads "Murf's Mask Shoppe" in brown ink scrawled across the planks. Pleasant music warbles from inside.
The door groans on hinges that long gave up to reveal a dark room lined with floor to ceiling with faces all looking down on the newcomers. The masks are expertly crafted, some even appearing alive as the expressions range from delight to horror to dismay to expressive of political opinions that differ from your own. The floor is moist with a myriad of substances, some of which seem to be dripping from the masks.
The proprietor stands perfectly still behind th…